1.First Select item you want choose the size and the color and click on “Add to Cart”

1 610x400 1 - How To Order

2. Go to your Cart and Click “Chekout” after the Item has been added to your cart, On this page you can also use discount coupons if you have any.

Get 15% OFF on orders $89.99 or above by using code ” OFF15 ” here.2 693x400 1 - How To Order


3.Here fill the shipping details and click PLACE order , Your final invoice value is displayed on this page with shipping included. Recheck the entered details before proceeding. 

3 565x400 1 - How To Order

4.Choose payment method and you will be redirected to the Payment Gateway page. You can either pay using Paypal or Visa/Master Card 

The CVV code is the 3 digit code at the back of the Visa/Mastercard

2 - How To Order

5. After you have Entered your payment details and clicked “submit” you will be directed to our page, The payment has been made and order has been placed, Now just relax and within two weeks the item will be at your doorstep!

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